#21 Give

Don’t give me that smile
like nothing has ever happened
to my heart. The heart you owned,
let loved, and let go,
the one that’s been waiting
alone all along.

Don’t give me those eyes
like I’ve never wandered in them
for days, just like they’ve never
followed me in dreams.
Those that stayed in my head
haunt me while I am awake.

Don’t give me half-hearted certainties when I could bare my soul to you.
I am ashamed of how
I can love you, and I never want
love to feel like a sin,
but how you do!

Don’t give me anything
if in the end you only want
to take everything back again.
Give me nothing that I couldn’t keep
like you, like us. Oh, us!
Something we are, sometimes.

Photography by vonmedeza.


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