#14 Story

After things fall apart,
people would tend to ask
about how it all went down.
What happened? And
you know that you know
a story. The first time
your eyes saw him differently,
the night he first held
your hand at dinner, when
fourteen days later he said
he already fell so deeply,
every morning text,
every drive to home when
his shoulder is your head’s
safest place, the sweetest
words, the day he started
acting cold, plans not being
showed up anymore, that
Christmas day he said
you should enjoy yourself,
followed by the loudest
silence through the fourteen
days you cried and waited
for that moment he finally said
It is over
All become stories.
That people listen to. Then
people feel for you. But you
did not really mean them to
pity the situation you got into.
You tell them because you have
nothing else. You tell them
because you still can’t believe it.
All you have now are stories.
That people listen to.
People feel for you while
you can’t feel anything.
People have your stories and
to them it’s just stories,
but to you they mean everything.
It is everything
you are trying to salvage
and then they become stories
people listen to…
people feel for you..

Photography by vonmedeza.


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