Caught up with catching up

How are you? I hope you’re doing well, and if you’re reading this you somehow got here in my blog, so thank you. Your presence means something to me. I always think about you. What could you be doing, searching, thinking that you decided to click the link to this post. I believe that we are all connected. And in sharing my thoughts here I hope you somehow find your own piece or at least lead you to finding it. As for me it gets better and worse at the same time. It’s taking a lot of me to sit and process my thoughts and my emotions nowadays. It takes a lot of courage to check on wounds and see how they are. Earlier I was about to write a new piece and I started crying with all the words I wanted to say. It takes a lot of trust to allow myself to be vulnerable and to cry. No one’s here to calm me down, to dry my tears up, and so I got to trust myself that she gets me. That she’s not going to judge me for breaking down for some same old reasons. She got me, and it will be okay. We will both be okay. In between academic work and catching up with sleep this holy week, I hope to keep my blog updated. Have a safe one. 


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